After I worshipped at one Lutheran congregation for over 50 years, my wife and I sought a Christian church closer than 20 miles from home. You can imagine how connected we were after 50 years for me and more than 30 for her. We were family. We found a winner in Redeemer, just three miles up York Road from home.

In a short time Redeemer became family too. It was the first congregation we visited when we decided to find one closer to home; there was no need to visit another. Redeemer is just the right size. It’s big enough to have myriad of outreach ministries and a nice size to connect with all the people. After eight years we know most of the congregation, consider all friends and many like extended family.

Every week that extended family improves my relationship with God.

Worship fills me with the Holy Spirit and is liturgical enough to remind me of the “high church” I grew up in. At the same time it is contemporary in much of our music and certainly in Pastor Nathan’s messages. Traditional but not stilted worship with a pastor who relates Sunday’s Gospel to today’s world is the foundation of this great congregation.

As our web page grows you will find out more and more of our social ministry, AKA outreach, programs. I’ll not repeat them here. Redeemer’s sound financial philosophy is another thing that attracted me right away. The church still reflects its conservative old world heritage while at the same time being generous in its outreach and support of the work of church organizations beyond Jamison.

Traditional worship with weekly communion and a congregation that quickly felt like family were our reasons to join Redeemer. Their quick acceptance of us and willingness to incorporate us in all aspects of the church life has made Redeemer feel like family. Continually helping community organizations outside of the church makes us proud.

If you are looking for a loving, Christian experience, come visit us. — COR

Why did I join Redeemer?


I was looking for a new church home after the closure of my previous church.  The moment I walked in the door, I was greeted by many welcoming faces.  The congregation is not-too-big, nor not-too-small: it’s just right!  Everyone is friendly, and there are many activities in which you can get involved, if that is your wish.  The people are very active in social ministry outreach.  Worship is vibrant and the sermons are relevant to our every-day situations.  It’s a place to call home. — SA


My wife, two kids and I have been a part of Redeemer Lutheran Church for about a year and half now. We went to other churches in the past and was turned off with how the people were not very friendly or welcoming – no one even said “Hi” to us. We eventually stopped going to churches altogether when it all became about the money to the church (people not giving enough) and not about the teachings of the church – what the church is meant for in the first place. Before coming to Redeemer; we had not been a part of any church for the better part of our kids’ lives (10+ years).

Redeemer was introduced to us through a friend when I discussed with him my disappointment with the church and how it seems like it’s all about the money.  He suggested that I try Redeemer and I wouldn’t be disappointed.

As soon as we walked into the doors of the church, many people actually said “Hi” and welcomed us to the church. We have not felt welcome, anywhere, for a long time. Just to have someone say “Hello and welcome” meant so much to us. The people of this church actually care about you as an individual.

What really sold us about the church was the Pastor – Nathan Krause. When he give sermons, he doesn’t just preach about the bible; he relates the bible to the people of today. And, for the children, he brings them to the front of the church and talks about the sermon in a way that they can understand so they, too, can feel a part of something special. — RSM