The people of Redeemer  believe in vibrant worship, and for that reason our Sunday morning services are theChildren's Sermon center of our Faith Lives.The sermons discus what is in the bible, and how it relates to the people of today. The pastor starts off his sermons by bringing the children up to the front first and discuss sermon to them at a level that they can understand, then he addresses the rest of the congregation. Each sermon is always followed up by Holy Communion. We here at Redeemer believe that you don’t have to be a member of this church or any other religious organization to receive communion. All are welcome at the LORDS table, so all are always welcome to receive communion at Redeemer Lutheran Church.

We offer two services-  Our Sunday services are scheduled for 8:15 AM and 11:00 AM, providing time in between for a dynamic Christian education experience for people of all ages.  While we follow a more traditional format in our services, our worship is lively – with plenty of singing, and praying and listening to God’s Holy Word.

During the Summer months between Pentecost Sunday and Labor Day we have one worship service at 9:30. During this service there is usually a special music presentation by members of the church or guest musicians. This Summer will be “Story Summer”. This means that we will be focusing on a different Bible story each week and examine how it relates to our everyday life.

Come and join us!