Worship Assistants
                                                   November 29, 2015
Replacement Coordinator Mary Kittel
Coffee Hour Set-Up Alan & Sandy Ault
Snacks The Garcia Family
Clean Up Please stay and help
Counters Bev Robinson Jean Meyers
Greeters 8:15 Frank Pinda Bonnie Pinda
11:00 Rich Maxwell
Altar Guild 8:15 Barbara Clark
11:00 Joan Neary
Ushers 8:15 Doug Robbie Agnes Robbie
11:00 Ken Foulke Judy Foulke
Readers 8:15 Henry Vogt
11:00 Carl Reitz
Communion Assistants 8:15 Henry Vogt Garon Vogt
11:00 Carl Reitz Sue Reitz
Acolytes 8:15 Emily Esterly
11:00 Cailan Maxwell Corey Maxwell
Assisting Minister 8:15 Henry Vogt
11:00 Nina Maxwell
Pastor Rev. Nathan Krause